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  The Hi Ho Silver 25th Anniversary Tenterfield Ride

Here are photos taken on 7/8 May 2011.
There are many more of the 80kms, 100kms, 40kms and intro rides, so if you don't see your picture,
email me with your bib number and colour of your horse and I will send you thumbnails.
Click on picture to see enlarged image.
The printed image is of much higher quality than that shown on the screen.

25T6976a 25T6984a 25T6990a 25T7012a 25T7018a
25T7023a 25T7031a 25T7033a 25T7038a 25T7042a
25T7250a 25T7290a 25T7294a 25T7063a 25T7138a
25T7043a 25T7049a 25T7050a 25T7054a 25T7057a
25T7061a 25T7076a 25T7047a 25T7080a 25T7102a
25T7104a 25T7127a 25T7136a 25T7160a 25T7171a
25T7183a 25T7190a 25T7211a 25T7236a 25T7244a
25T7283a 25T7306a 25T7187a 25T7209a 25T7212a
25T6937a 25T7092a 25T6941a