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  Arabian Horse Society Tamworth Twilight Endurance Ride

Photographs from the AHS Twilight Endurance Ride on 19 & 20 March 2011.
Click on picture to see enlarged image.
I have more photos of this event; please contact me and let me know your bib number and colour of horse if your picture is not shown here.

TT5662b TT5664b TT5666b TT5671b TT5675b
TT5678b TT5690b TT5692b TT5695b TT5710b
TT5713b TT5717b TT5718b TT5730b TT6055b
TT5738b TT5748b TT5752b TT5756b TT5966b
TT5773b TT5777b TT5782b TT5787b TT5950b
TT5802b TT5807b TT5812b TT5831b TT5945b
TT5873b TT5881b TT5912b TT5920b TT5941b
TT5855b TT5795b TT5771b TT5734b TT5962b
TT5766b TT5785b TT5839b TT6152b TT6071b TT6144b TT5930b