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  Q60 Trainer & Social Ride - 12 March 2011 at Colo NSW

Photos from the Q60 trainer and social ride. There are many more available as high resolution jpegs or prints. If you don't see yourself among these photos, email me and I will see if I have a picture of you.

IMGP5296a IMGP5298a IMGP5301a IMGP5303a IMGP5304a
IMGP5401a IMGP5405a IMGP5408a IMGP5410a IMGP5415a IMGP5436a IMGP5510a
IMGP5306a IMGP5308a IMGP5310a IMGP5313a IMGP5319a
IMGP5521a IMGP5533a IMGP5542a IMGP5569a IMGP5467a IMGP5472a IMGP5485a
IMGP5323a IMGP5325a IMGP5346a IMGP5349a IMGP5353a
IMGP5381a IMGP5383a IMGP5389a IMGP5393a IMGP5440a
IMGP5556a IMGP5495a IMGP5578a