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  31st SHAHZADA MEMORIAL 400km TEST 2011
Tuesday 23 August 2011

Here are some of the photos which I took. There are many more so please email me if you can't see the one you want and I will send you thumbnails. Click on picture to see enlarged image.

11S8736Tua 11S8805Tua 11S8810Tua 11S8813Tua 11S8822Tua
11S8759Tua 11S8769Tua 11S8792Tua 11S8797Tua 11S8825Tua
11S8828Tua 11S8835ATua 11S8872Tua 11S8875Tua
11S8876Tua 11S8841Tua 11S8852Tua 11S8857Tua 11S8858Tua
11S8882Tua 11S8885Tua 11S8888Tua 11S8899Tua 11S8902Tua
11S8954Tua 11S8916Tua 11S8918Tua 11S8923Tua
11S8897Tua 11S8891Tua 11S8933Tua 11S8941Tua 11S8944Tua
11S8931Tua 11S8977Tua 11S8987Tua 11S8992Tua 11S8998Tua
11S8905Tua 11S8913Tua 11S8962Tua 11S8971Tua 11S8983Tua
11S9007Tua 11S9021Tua 11S9036Tua 11S9061Tua 11S9079Tua
11S8984Tua 11S8996Tua 11S9002Tua 11S9014Tua 11S9018Tua
11S9030Tua 11S9031Tua 11S9042Tua 11S9052Tua 11S9067Tua 11S9074Tua