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  31st SHAHZADA MEMORIAL 400km TEST 2011
Wednesday 24 August 2011

Here are some of the photos which I took. There are others, so please email me if you can't see the one you want and I will send you thumbnails. Click on picture to see enlarged image.

11S9091Wa 11S9106Wa 11S9107Wa 11S9112Wa
11S9100Wa 11S9129Wa 11S9141Wa 11S9147Wa 11S9165Wa
11S9135Wa 11S9156Wa 11S9194Wa 11S9200Wa
11S9180Wa 11S9218Wa 11S9220Wa 11S9230Wa 11S9237Wa
11S9258Wa 11S9268Wa 11S9326Wa 11S9339Wa
11S9249Wa 11S9285Wa 11S9286Wa 11S9293Wa 11S9305Wa
11S9440Wa 11S9457Wa 11S9462Wa 11S9470Wa
11S9331Wa 11S9352Wa 11S9483Wa 11S9383Wa 11S9422Wa
11S9132Wa 11S9499Wa 11S9500Wa 11S9394Wa
11S9543Wa 11S9424Wa 11S9105Wa 11S9510Wa 11S9524Wa